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How to catch bass - big shore bass

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A 14lb 15oz lip hooked bass slides up the shingle

Of all the fish that swim in inshore waters around our coast, none provides more varied or exciting sport from the shore than bass. It is a handsome and powerful fish worthy of the attention paid to it by sport fisherman. Although small school bass weighing up to two or three pounds are comparatively easy to catch, the bigger adult fish are wary and will ignore a carelessly presented bait. To catch big bass requires that you think like a bass - what is their easiest available food source? Where are they likely to be at what state of the tide?

If you follow this approach you will eventually find yourself fishing at the right place and at the correct state of tide to maximise your chances of landing the fish of a lifetime.  In this video Fishyrob puts all his bass fishing experience and watercraft into practice to land his personal best bass - a monster fish of 14lb 15oz.

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