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Hundreds of anglers have employed Fishyrob's guiding service for his knowledge of the sport and the coastline and to learn new skills to catch more fish.

Below are just a handful of the comments received from satisfied clients.

Jeremy Sumbler

An early start yesterday morning alarm went off at 4.30, a quick cuppa and a bacon sarnie and we got on the road to Brighton. Being the first time I had ventured to Brighton and taking a mate who had never been sea fishing before, I thought it was a good move to get a professional involved! Having followed Fishyrob's blog and various posts on here I was pleased to find that he could fit us in so we duly met up as arranged at 6am in McDonalds carpark and Robin took us over to the East Arm. To give Robin his due he had called me the day before to say that the fishing for the spotties had not been that great for the last couple of days compared to the previous few weeks and did we want to call it off or wait till things started hotting up again, however with time at a premium and a rare day off available I had to go and wet a line. Robin had picked up the bait for us already so we set off up the arm to the selected spot, having been out of the fishing scene for the last 20 years due to work I am starting the learning curve all over again so Rob tied us a couple of rigs each which he thought would do the trick. Bait was fresh rag tipped with squid with some bling, one rod on a one up one down rig, one on a wishbone which were fired out as far as i could manage with the wall behind me, first rod to go was my wishbone one and a nice spotty was soon being unhooked, next it was the one up one down rod with another spotty. Robin was explaining the rigs to my friend and helping him with his casting technique, he was using Robin's rod a pair of new Vercelli Aurora's which I managed a go with a bit later in the day and was really impressed with there lightness and amazing bite registration on there ultra fne tips which seemed to defy the wind and tide but registered every pluck and rattle of the spotties and dabs he had, would have liked to have been on an open beach to see if they could improve my very average casting! Andy was next of the mark with a spotty followed by a string of 4 dabs, 2 a piece, both mine came on the one up one down rig, inbetween times on Robin's advice we were trying some isome worms on a lure rod in the hope of getting our first lure caught plaice, alas none were obliging on the isomes but it was nice to be throwing some lures about again. The one up one down went off again which was a double shot of spotties, followed shortly after by a single on the same rod another good bite resulted in nothing then another single and last fish of the day for me was another spotty on the wishbone, but interestingly the one up one down with some different bling on it outfished the wishbone 7:2. Although the sun was shining around 3pm the wind had really picked up, the bites had dried up and water was beginning to slosh up through the v's so we decided to give it a day, final score 7 spotties and 2 dabs for me, 2 of the spotties were keepers and 4 spotties and 2 dab for Andy who was well chuffed with his first days sea fishing. Many thanks to Robin, top guide, great character. Both Andy and myself learnt a lot and I would highly recommend him to anyone. Hopefuly will return from land locked Wiltshire in the near future to try and have a go at some hounds or the bass with Robin when the weather gets warmer. Jeremy

Jeremy Sumbler, 13-04-2013 18:20:00

John Cowen

Hi Rob, Thanks again for an excellent session this morning – I learnt a lot, and am relieved I at least got a sniff of the good things coming my way in future! Cheers, John

John Cowen, 08-06-2012 8:59:00


Hi Rob, Just Would like to say a BIG THANK YOU for the fishing trip last night. It really got the thought processes going, what a rig ! We had a fantastic evening, and will contact you again for another trip with my son sometime. I would without hesitation recommend you as a fishing guide. Kind regards, Grant.

Grant, 12-10-2012 8:28:00

Andy and Ali

Hi Rob, We are back safely thank you. Thanks for the photos. Brilliant. Andy says thanks for all you did, he had the best time and learnt so much and enjoyed every moment of the fishing and the rain! (and getting locked in the loo!). The experience was invaluable and will hopefully bode him well for Cornwall. He says if you ever get down that way, please try St Ives. He is sure there is a bass in there somewhere! Andy says So so many thanks for all your hard work and efforts to ensure he had a great time and realised a dream. It is so greatly appreciated and good luck with your great business... Love from Andy and Ali xx

Andy and Ali, 08-06-2012 8:59:00

Richard Heasman

Hi Robin, I cant thank you enough for letting me into your home and for what was a very special two days. I certainly wont be forgetting them in a hurry! Your hospitality surpassed all expectation, and you went to a lot of effort to make me feel welcome which I appreciate very much. I'm back at camp after a relatively quick drive home, and I've already started a list of the things I learnt over the weekend which I'm confident will vastly improve my fishing, but also take lots of the hassle out of fishing. There is too much to list here, but I'm chuffed with the new rig style, and even the way to break a rod for easy transportation is new and helpful to me. Rob you know your stuff - but not only that, you greeted me at 7.50am on Sunday morning with a warm welcome (and a much needed coffee!) and didn't stop looking after me (sounds daft, but that is essentially what happened) until I left today - the fact that we fished through the night is a real indicator about how passionate you are about a) fishing and b) guiding. Thank you. Basically guys, I had a wicked time! Kind Regards, Richard

Richard Heasman, 10-04-2009 8:56:00

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