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Plaice - a sporting fish?

Written by strummerHayling Island Plaice. Copyright Adrian Farley

When this site was set up we put a stake in the ground to define what we thought were the sporting fish species available from the shore along the south coast. We then made an open invitation to site visitors who felt impassioned about a particular species to make the case for either their inclusion or exclusion from the select list. It was in this vein that we were contacted by Bruce Dickinson who argued the case for the inclusion of Plaice.

He wrote "without a shadow of a doubt Plaice should be included on the list of sporting fish for these reasons:

  • It is aesthetically pleasing with nice red and orange spots
  • Hard to catch these days, requiring skill- to locate and catch- as they are thin on the ground
  • Requires specialist approach and presents a technical challenges including distance casting , bait presentation, knowledge of venues and tides, etc
  • Has character, is inquisitive and chases spoons, moving baits etc
  • Caught in clear water in daylight"

The counter argument runs that Plaice cannot be considered a sporting fish because of the lack of fight. However, they are highly prized and because of the lack of numbers are indeed difficult to catch.

So, what do you think? Let us know by casting your vote and we'll publish the results.





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