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First thin lipped mullet

Written by Ted Mange

You get an idea of the scale from the beads on the lure, Not that big I reckon less than 2lb. He followed the lure in close so I worked it just in front of my position, sure enough he pulled at the worm just like it shows on the Mike Ladle 'Mythical Mullet' video.

First thin lipped mulletHe starts to flap as he feels the tension, I think no worries he's floundering, I'll get the net under him. NO CHANCE!!! Zip he's away I've never known such a persistent fight, every time i think he's beaten he finds another run inside him. A lot of this was on a short line, I was using a rod with a soft curve and the clutch set light on the reel otherwise I'm sure he'd have pulled free.

While i was playing him I noticed he was closely followed by one of his shoal mates about 4-5 lbs, I thought that's my next fish. Alas no luck after this one, not sure why maybe the the lure wasn't working right or the tide going out sends them away.

So I return the fish in the net, expecting it to act like a played out trout or grayling all breathless and exhausted. But no, one flick of the tail and he's away.


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