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First bass of the year

Written by fishyrob

Finally, my first bass of the year!First bass of the year

Had a break for a couple of days, just down to pure despondency at the lack of fish currently inshore at the moment. But when Alan phoned me and asked me if I fancied a session on the low water surf, with a brisk southerly wind and clear skies forecast, I felt it would be better than staying at home. Although a small tide for worming, I already had some freshouts in the fridge, and with Alan supplying some frozen shellfish, we set off to have a look.

Normally I am not an advocate of bassing from tripods, preffering the sensitivity of holding the rod, but with the very poor fishing, I not only took the tripod but the beach buddy with the idea that if I couldnt catch any bass, I would at least catch some rays. Sun rays, of course. So, you could have knocked me backwards with a feather when the 14' Sonik Continentals delightful tip bent over with urgency, indicating something other than a rockling on the other end. I jumped up from my assumed tanning position, picked up the rod and ran backwards until the tip bent over. Something was on the other end, but to be honest, it felt like a very good eel rather than a bass. It wasnt until I got it through the final surf break that I noticed a tail unlike that of an eel break clear of the seas dirty surface. Alan ran behind the fish and we bought it up the mud.

Why do I like Tronix Big Dogs? Just look at that hook hold.Tronix big dog hook hold Quickly weighed, (5lb 9oz) photographed, Alan then kindly walked the fish out to deeper water and held it to recover (I was so convinced we wouldn't see a decent fish I hadn't even bothered to take my waders). It took quite a while before it kicked away, possibly as a result of the still chilly sea temperatures, but eventually it powered off. What a result, my first bass of the year, and a cracker at that. One very happy and relieved fishyrob!! I will still hold off on guided trips until a few more fish are about, as the few bigger ones that are showing seem to be very much vanguard fish, but at least the future is now looking a lot brighter, knowing that there are worthwhile fish to chase. Its been a very long, very hard winter. Here's to the good times ahead!

Perfect conditions, but that fish was our only bite.

We fished on until the water was well up the shingle, but that was the only discernible bite that we had between us. Still, Happy days!




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